Trish Jones

In House Coordinator and Manager

Trish Jones, In House Coordinator and Manager and designer has always enjoyed entertaining, planning and hosting special events with family, friends and plentiful house-guests. This led to her partnering in an event design company on Maui, working exclusively with over 700 destination wedding couples and corporate travel events.

Relocating to the desert with her family 7 years ago was a dream. Having journeyed to Palm Springs at least once each year she often didn't want to leave. She wants to help tell your love story, bringing into your wedding, personal details, specific to the both of you. Discovering small nods to your personalities which your family and friends notice and smile over.

She loves every step of the creative process, her sense of foresight and her love of partnering with couples contributes to an unforgettable planning experience. Her utmost mission is to partner and create together, making the development of your wedding day a joyful process to remember with great fondness!

Mario Melendez


Mario "Maji" Melendez, founder of Rasta Taco ( ) and Rasta Rita Margarita and Beverage truck ( ) is the owner of Rasta Rita Cantina and Venue.

Feel free to drop him a line

Jeri Regan

Military Liason

LTC Retired
Army Nurse Corp
She served in US Army Reserves and AGR 1985-2016

Rasta Rita Cantina and Venue Rasta Rita Cantina and Venue Rasta Rita Cantina and Venue


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